Happy 1/2 Birthday, Sylas!

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Sylas,Who said you were allowed to be 3.5?? I mean, really, where does the time go? I can still remember the night I gave birth to you like it was yesterday. I'll never forget the overwhelming feeling of love, pride, and sheer joy as I held you for the first time. Each day since then as been nothing short of a fantastic journey. I have watched … [Read more...]

The Birth of a Mother

the birth of a mother

Today is Sylas's half birthday (!!!), and I had planned to write a little post about him; sharing little tid-bits about what he's interested in these days, etc. That post is not complete yet, so instead I will quickly share with you our very first picture together.Sylas's birth and becoming a momma are what inspired me to start this blog 3.5 … [Read more...]

Sylas Says…

The "why" stage is both fun and exhausting...literally about a half hour of a back and forth conversation where Sylas's only line is some variation of:"Why?""OOooh, but why?""Why, Momma?""But Momma. WHY?"Me: "Sylas, this is fun and all, but I need a break. Please don't ask 'why' again for a while."Sylas: "….. how … [Read more...]

Featured On Hypnobirting Rocks!


Yesterday, Stacy from 'Hypnobirthing Rocks!' did an awesome round-up of several different options for positive birth affirmations. I am honored that the affirmations I made for Deacon's birth were featured! Check out the post HERE or click the image below.Have a great end to your week! Also, be sure to stop by next week as I will finally be … [Read more...]

Sylas Says…

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I am in my bathroom getting ready. Enter Sylas with something under his shirt:Sylas: "What dues (do) I has under my shirt, Momma?"Me: "Haha, I don't know, sweetie. What is it?"Sylas: lifts shirt and pulls out a receiving blanket and two little animal toys "Yayyyy… I has twins, Momma!!"Me: '"Oh, wow!! Lucky you!"Sylas: "Now I … [Read more...]

Sylas Says…

Sylas Says

In his bed about to fall asleep...Sylas: "Momma?…"Me: "Yes?"Sylas: "Why did Dod (God) give me one mouth and one nose?"Me: "Hahaha..what?"Sylas: "I was thinkin' Dod (God) would give me two noses."Me: "Oh, yeah?"Sylas: " Yeah. Like… one here (points to nose) and one osa (over) here (points to cheek)."Couldn't you just … [Read more...]

Help me, Lord…

Slow to Anger

One of my goals for 2015 is to totally and completely embrace my children's innocence, naivety, energy, & imagination. I created this picture to help me remember- it was from our Family Photo Shoot in November 2014.What is one of your goals this year? I'd love to hear from you.. leave a comment below! … [Read more...]

Deacon’s 7 Month Milestones

Deacon 7 Months

I can't believe Deacon is already 7 months old! Although I may not always post his milestones on time, I have kept up with them, and that is very important to me. In case you missed any, check out months 1-6 below. Feel free to click on the individual months to be brought to that post and to see more pictures! And here are Deacon's 7 Month … [Read more...]