Happy 4 Months to my little Smiles: Deacon’s 4 Month Milestones

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So, I know this post is significantly late, but the pictures and milestones are accurate- I just never had a chance to post! I've been so behind on the blog lately. In fact, look for Deacon's 5 Month Milestones later today or tomorrow, as well. Let's get caught up! Life has been so busy and free time has been nearly completely occupied with house … [Read more...]

DIY Chalk Paint: A Sneak Peak

dresser makeover before in progress

I've been wanting to paint something with chalk paint for quite some time now, and the opportunity finally presented itself. My neighbor had an extra dresser that she needed to get rid of, and asked if I had a use for it. It just so happened that I do because I recently re-arranged a few things upstairs between Sylas's Big Boy room and the new … [Read more...]

Sylas Says… Special Edition: 20 Questions- A Birthday Tradition


For Sylas's Third Birthday, I started a book for him called "20 Questions." I had seen something similar on Pinterest a couple years ago and have been waiting for him to be old enough to do this. This was definitely the year to start, and I got some hilarious answers. I put the questions in a Photo Journal Book and then displayed the book at his … [Read more...]

Happy 3 Months, Smiles!: Deacon’s 3 Month Milestones


Deacon,You are 3 months old!! That's 1/4 of a year! Whoa! Should I start planning your 1st birthday party now? Just kidding… kind of. I absolutely can not even express to you the joy that you and your brother bring to my life every single day. Lately, I have been just bursting with happiness and emotions that are almost overwhelming. My heart is so … [Read more...]

Sylas Says…

I grouped all these together because they are all about Deacon and Sylas wanting more. Enjoy!Sylas: I want my own Deacon. I want my own Deacon in my own belly. Me: Hmmm… that might be a tough one, baby.On a separate occasion:Me: …just as soon as I feed Deacon.Sylas: I'll feed bebe Deacon for you, Mommy. I have boobies, they're just small!On a … [Read more...]

Look Alikes


When I posted Deacon's 2 month milestones, I mentioned that I have decided who I think he looks like. After more than 2 months of staring at this sweet baby boy, I have decided to go with my gut feeling that he looks like my dad, which I mentioned in his 1 month milestones. My brother and I look just like my dad, and I don't have many baby pictures … [Read more...]

Sylas Says…

Dan: "Sylas, eat your eggs, buddy. They're good for you. You'll grow big and strong like Daddy."Sylas: "I not want to get muscles and grow big and strong."Dan and Me: "What?? You don't?!"Sylas: "No. I too busy." (Pause) "I has stuss to do." (I have stuff to do.)(Lots of laughter)Sylas: "I'm not trying to play wiff you." … [Read more...]