Sylas Says… Special Edition: 20 Questions- A Birthday Tradition


For Sylas's Third Birthday, I started a book for him called "20 Questions." I had seen something similar on Pinterest a couple years ago and have been waiting for him to be old enough to do this. This was definitely the year to start, and I got some hilarious answers. I put the questions in a Photo Journal Book and then displayed the book at his … [Read more...]

Happy 3 Months, Smiles!: Deacon’s 3 Month Milestones


Deacon,You are 3 months old!! That's 1/4 of a year! Whoa! Should I start planning your 1st birthday party now? Just kidding… kind of. I absolutely can not even express to you the joy that you and your brother bring to my life every single day. Lately, I have been just bursting with happiness and emotions that are almost overwhelming. My heart is so … [Read more...]

Sylas Says…

I grouped all these together because they are all about Deacon and Sylas wanting more. Enjoy!Sylas: I want my own Deacon. I want my own Deacon in my own belly. Me: Hmmm… that might be a tough one, baby.On a separate occasion:Me: …just as soon as I feed Deacon.Sylas: I'll feed bebe Deacon for you, Mommy. I have boobies, they're just small!On a … [Read more...]

Look Alikes


When I posted Deacon's 2 month milestones, I mentioned that I have decided who I think he looks like. After more than 2 months of staring at this sweet baby boy, I have decided to go with my gut feeling that he looks like my dad, which I mentioned in his 1 month milestones. My brother and I look just like my dad, and I don't have many baby pictures … [Read more...]

Sylas Says…

Dan: "Sylas, eat your eggs, buddy. They're good for you. You'll grow big and strong like Daddy."Sylas: "I not want to get muscles and grow big and strong."Dan and Me: "What?? You don't?!"Sylas: "No. I too busy." (Pause) "I has stuss to do." (I have stuff to do.)(Lots of laughter)Sylas: "I'm not trying to play wiff you." … [Read more...]

Sweet Brotherly Love… Part 2


Yesterday, I shared some snapshot pictures of the boys that I've randomly taken over the past two months since Deacon has come along, and I promised to share some more pictures today that I tried to make look more "professional."I took these pictures when Deacon was just days old. I had a few poses in mind, but it was definitely challenging to … [Read more...]

Brotherly Love


Deacon is now 2 months old(!!) and I haven't shared any pictures of the boys together. I've talked about how sweet Sylas is with Deacon, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are few snapshots of the boys over the past two months. Tomorrow I will share some pictures I took of the boys that I tried to make look "professional."This was … [Read more...]

Sylas Says…

Me: "I have to clean the house."Sylas: "Why? The huss eww?" (Why? The house is eww?)Me: (laughing) "Yes, the house is 'eww'."Sylas: "I not want the huss to be eww." (I don't want the house to be eww.)Me: "Great, me either!" … [Read more...]