02 July 2014

Deacon's 1 Month Milestones!

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 I absolutely can not believe it has already been an entire month! It has been a glorious 4 weeks, and I have loved getting to know my newest little bundle of joy. It has been tiring, and it's new and different being a mom of 2 now, but I can truly say it's been wonderful. Just as I did with Sylas, I intend to share Deacon's Milestones month by month. You can check out Sylas's Milestones here, and without further ado, here are Deacon's first month milestones (3 days late). 


You are an absolute joy! Your Daddy and I are so in love with you already. You are calm and even tempered and legitimately only cry when you need to eat. You are the epitome of an "easy baby." I am trying something a little different with you than I did with your brother as far as "scheduling" and you are right on board! You eat and sleep like a champ, and have even been sleeping in your crib for naps and even at night time since you were just 2 weeks old. You love your bed and are comfortable there. 

Everyone of course asks who you look like and I'm not sure I know just yet. I think you just look like you. There are times when you look pretty similar to your big brother, except with dark hair, but there are times when you look nothing like Sylas. I do have to say that when I first saw you, my initial reaction was "he looks like my dad!" Maybe it was the dark hair...who knows. 

Deacon, you are the luckiest little brother in the whole world! Sylas loves you so much! It's absolutely adorable and warms my heart to see him interact with you. He is always perfectly gentle with you, rubbing your belly and caressing your face. He is there for every diaper change and almost every feeding. He has offered to feed you (a very funny story) and is always offering to hold you for me. He is always comforting you when you are upset saying things like "what's the matter, buddy?" or "it's o-day (OK) Deacon," and he very often will give you a hug, kiss your face, and say "I luzz (love) you, Deacon." There is nothing I wish for more than for your relationship to always be this precious. 

I love you so much baby boy, and am looking forward to you being awake more and more as you grow so that I can actually play with you! I am thankful to God for you every day. Happy One Month, baby boy!

Love, Momma

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01 July 2014

Introducing: Deacon James Wilson

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Deacon James Wilson
born at home Thursday, May 29, 2014
twelve minutes past nine in the morning 
7 pounds 2 ounces
20 inches long

I am completely overwhelmed with love for this little baby and my love for Sylas and our family as a whole has exponentially multiplied. I know I am their mother, but I am absolutely totally and utterly obsessed with these wonderful boys that the Lord has blessed me with. 

As of today, Deacon is 13 days old and doing absolutely wonderful! He eats, sleeps, and poops like a champ! At his one week checkup he had gained weight...going from 7 lbs 2 oz to 7 lbs 9 oz! He is so incredibly happy and such an "easy" baby. Sylas loves him so much and has proven to be quite the big brother! Watching Sylas interact with him already makes me cry. He is so sweet to him and always ready to help! Dan is the baby whisperer and any time Deacon has been upset (not often), Dan has come to the rescue as Wonder Dad and 10 seconds later Deacon is sleeping. Unreal! 

We are just so in love and feel so blessed! 

We did it, baby boy, we did it!! 

I will definitely share Deacon's birth story once I finish writing it, but for now I am just soaking up all the time I can with this wonderful new life. 

**I wrote this and meant to post it immediately, but realized it has been sitting in my drafts folder for almost 3 weeks. That's why the date posted is not congruent with what I wrote about him being 13 days old**

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28 May 2014

Just the Two of Us

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You were "due" 4 days ago, but you must be absolutely enjoying your last few days with just your Momma... so for now, it's just the two of us, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Who could blame you for not wanting to make your appearance just yet; I'm sure you are warm and comfy and will come in your own time.

Last night, you had me and Daddy fooled. We thought it was "time." We thought for sure you were starting to tell us you were on your way, and as fast as it all started...it stopped again. And that's ok. I trust you.
You make the call, baby boy- it's all up to you. I am happy and comfortable and patiently waiting for your timing. In the mean time, I will enjoy these last few hours? days? weeks? while it's just the two of us. (Don't make Daddy and Sy wait too long, though, they absolutely can not wait to meet you!)

I love you,

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