5 Days to a DIY Birthday Party- Day 1: Paper Crafts

For Day 1 of my mini-series, today’s DIY tutorials will cover most of the paper crafts incorporated into Sylas’s Birthday Party:
-Happy Birthday Pennant Banner
-Sylas is ONE Banner
-Guest Book Scrapbook Page

Let’s get started!

Happy Birthday Pennant Banner

I didn’t use a tutorial for this banner. I kind of made up my own way of doing it by looking at some pictures of banners I found online. Here is what I came up with:

-8.5×11 scrapbook cardstock in any color that matches your theme (I used 3 different colors)
-Yarn (I used 2 colors)
-Cutting Board and/or Scissors
-Ruler (or straight edge)
-Paint Pen (or marker)
-Double Sided Tape
-Hole Puncher

First, I will show you the simplest way to create 4 equal sized triangles without any measuring or guesswork from just one piece of paper. Using the 8.5×11 cardstock, fold the paper in half across the long side. Don’t make a huge crease, just fold it enough to find the center and mark the center with a pen. Make this mark on the top of the paper and make marks on the side of the paper that will be the back of your banner. Then fold each side in to the halfway point to find the center of each half, again only folding enough to make a mark. Make these marks on the bottom of the paper. Now, using your straight edge, connect mark 1 to each of the other two marks. At this point, you will have drawn one triangle on your paper. Now draw two more straight lines- one from the corner of the paper to the mark 2 and one from the corner to mark 3. I know this sounds sooo confusing, but it’s actually really easy. I am more of a visual person, so check out the picture below if this paragraph just made your head spin.

Now that you have drawn your triangles, cut them out! You can see I marked 1, 2, 3, and 4. Triangles 1, 2, and 3 are ready to go. For triangle 4, match up the two halves and tape them together. Whew… now that the hard part is over…

Here you can see to make triangle 4 I matched up two different colors:

Using a third color, I cut strips about one inch thick for the top of each triangle. Using double sided tape, adhere the strips to the top of each triangle and trim the excess so that you keep the triangle shape.

Now that your triangles are assembled, simply use a paint pen or marker to write whatever message you want your banner to say. You can also add any accents you like or personal touches. For example, I lined each triangle in dots which you can see in the above picture. It adds just a hint of extra decoration and keeps the banner from looking to plain.

Use your hole puncher to punch two holes at the top of one triangle. Place the triangle with the holes in it on top of another and using a pen, mark where the holes should go so that each triangle has the holes in the exact same spot. Once you have marked all your triangles, punch all the holes.

To hang my banner, I chose to use two strings of yarn (one in red and one in light brown). Simply string the yarn through the holes of each triangle and leave plenty of extra yarn at either end so when you hang it you have enough yarn to make it has tight or as droopy as you wish.

That’s it! You’re done. This kind of banner is so fun and really can be used for any occasion. Make yours say “Welcome Home,” “Happy Anniversary,” “Merry Christmas,” or whatever you wish! Have fun and make it your own.

“Sylas is ONE” Birthday Banner 

This banner is much simpler and a lot quicker. It’s not nearly as time consuming with exact cuts, etc. Again, I didn’t use a tutorial for this one. I saw similar ones all over the internet and just made mine the way I thought most obvious.

-Computer and Printer (or you can hand write the message)
-Scrapbook Paper or other colorful paper
-Yarn (ribbon or string will work)
-Cutting Board and/or Scissors
-Double Sided Tape
-Hole Punch

On my computer I typed “Sylas is ONE” in a colors that matched my theme (red and black). This is the part where you can skip the computer and just hand write your message. Once printed, I cut out “Sylas” and “ONE” into circles by tracing a circle around the words with a cup so they would be the same size. I cut out “is” into a square with my cutting board so the lines would be straight and rounded the corners by eye with scissors.

Next, simply tape the circles and square to whatever colorful paper you have that matches your theme and cut them out to make borders. You can make as many borders as you wish. You can see with the circles, I did a brown circle border first and then changed it up a bit by cutting out a square around the circle on the red and white stripped paper.

As far as the monkey on either end, I found a sock monkey face on the internet and edited it on my computer. I added it to either end of the banner to enhance the look of the banner and of course, to play into the theme! If you don’t have a specific theme, try a cute picture of a cake or balloons or some other party motif.

Once you have all the pieces cut out and ready to go, punch holes and string yarn through to tie all the pieces together. That’s it! Easy peasy! This banner was actually so easy that I made two- one for the cupcake stand and one for the front of Sylas’s highchair. As you can see, I made each banner just a tad different.

Guest Book Scrapbook Page

Since I am a scrapbooker, instead of having a guest book, I decided to make a page to set out by the door for people to sign and leave a little message to Sylas. This was an incredibly easy project that anyone can do even if you are not a scrapbooker!
-Scrapbook Paper
-Scrapbook Stickers
-Double Sided Tape
All I did was make a very simple page and leave a lot of open space for people to write a message. At the top I used scrapbook letters to spell out “Sylas,” and at the bottom I wrote a little message to him to start the page off. 
Next to the page I displayed a poem I wrote explaining to people what I wanted them to do. I added a framed picture of Sylas with his Sock Monkey, and voila… a cute little display at the entryway of the party. :)

Ok, folks! You are now 3 projects closer to your own DIY Birthday Party. I hope you enjoyed these tutorials and will stop by again tomorrow! The lineup for the rest of the week:

Wednesday- Computer Paper Crafts: Cupcake Toppers, Food/Dessert Table Tent Labels, and “First’s Display” with Table Tents

Thursday-Balloon Wreath and Welcome Flag

Friday-Cupcake Stand Display and Candy Jars

Saturday-Personalized Onsie and Party Hat

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